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MH - Rika Amaris by Dragoncookie MH - Rika Amaris by Dragoncookie
Name: Rika Amaris


Gender: Female

Height: 164 cm/5'5"

Sexuality: Straight


Bullet; Green Plushies
Bullet; Green Fashion
Bullet; Green Studying
Bullet; Green Shopping
Bullet; Green Her best friend

Bullet; Red Strawberries
Bullet; Red Stubborn people
Bullet; Red Bad hair days
Bullet; Red Flirts

:bulletpurple: Cheerful and energetic, almost to a fault; she seems to be always happy.
:bulletpurple: Hardworking, despite her wish. She's not completely perfect, after all.
:bulletpurple: Mostly serious; despite her constant cheerfulness, she's not one to joke around too much.
:bulletpurple: Realistic and down to earth; she doesn't fantasize a lot.
:bulletpurple: When she's angry, it's like an erupting volcano.
:bulletpurple: Kind of overprotective and will love her friends to death.

Rika's had a fairly plain life; she lives with her mother, a doctor, after she separated from her father, which was an event that did not scar Rika; she always did well at school and had a great best friend who she met at age 3, and who she shared her life with.
As a bright student, her mother always had great expectations of her. At first, she didn't even have to break a sweat to fulfill them; but when she got to 7th grade, things went completely downhill. She started having interests other than school; social life, looks, TV shows, games. But she was always expected to excel, and her time for herself started being shorter, and shorter, and shorter. Her mother started being harsher on her; not out of meanness, but out of love. She knew her daughter could excel, but under that kind of pressure, Rika was beginning to break. She started becoming obsessed with being perfect; if she didn't get that grade she wanted, or if she looked messy, or her room wasn't cleaned the way she wanted, she'd have breakdowns. It only got worse with time. As Rika was beginning to lose her will to study, as she began to question why she should even bother, a small cat appeared to her one day. Being a non-believer of magic, Rika was taken by surprise. The cat offered her a contract; the chance to grant her any wish she desired. She was already seeing talking cats... Rika thought she was going crazy. Since this was probably some delusion of hers, she figured she might as well ask the cat for her one wish; to be perfect in her mother's eyes.

:bulletpurple: She kisses her pillows before going to sleep for good luck.
:bulletpurple: If she ever saw herself without her ahoge, she would not recognize herself.
:bulletpurple: Despite her wish, she isn't the best student in her class; her best friend outshines her.
:bulletpurple: When it comes to emotions, she's fairly simple; she's either happy, angry, or sad most of the time.

School: Bellingham

Grade: 10

Wish: "I wish to be perfect for my mother's eyes!"

Soul Gem:
:bulletpurple:Magi Form: A moon-shaped gem on her left shoulder.
:bulletpurple:Egg Form: A gold-framed purple egg.
:bulletpurple:Inactive Form: A moon-shaped gem she wears as an earring.

Weapon: Double rapiers.

Innate Ability: She does everything that is considered important to her mother in a naturally amazing way; she gets great test results, and she always seems to have her looks all set up.

D5 attack: Solus Sectis
                Rika dabs at her foe with a rapier.
                    An attack that's extremely quick.

D10 attack: Nere Pugna
                    Rika spins to hit her foe with both rapiers.
                    It hits a range longer than just striking.

D15 attack: Signat Macula
                    Rika crosses her rapiers quickly, making an X-shaped cut.
                    Depending on where she's standing

D20 attack: Nescio Telum
                    Rika jumps high in the air towards her foe.
                    She uses both her blades to pierce them.

5D6 attack: Vortex Lacesso
                    Like a flurring tornado, Rika jumps and spins in the air.
                    As she falls, she cuts everything in her way.


HP: 100

Attack: N/A

Dodge: +1

Other: N/A


Anklet of Stealth
Focus Food

RP Methods:

Anything tbh. But my preferred method is Skype!

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sim-mi Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
Aaahhhhh, her and my character would get along! My character's parents really put so much pressure. Though it was more due to the fact that they focused their money and education on their elder brother than her so she would have to try and work harder and try to get scholarships :(

Dragoncookie Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I approve of this friendship
sim-mi Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Yesss... Now to for me wait until September for the next opening :P
TheLittlePharaoh Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh, she's beautiful. And perfect. *^*
Her background reminds me a lot of my real life friend.
Great job! ^^
Dragoncookie Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
literally perfect //SHOT

thanks tho glu ; w ; i know people like that, too~
TheLittlePharaoh Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nothing can be more perfect than her.~ /SHOT

You're welcome. ; u ;
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